About Us

Bangkok-based Shipconfirm is a recognized leading sea freight forwarder in Thailand and offers worldwide cargo transfers through an extensive portfolio of commercial logistics services. We have built a strong reputation as an affordable and extremely reliable sea freight forwarding operation and we pride ourselves on our ability to design efficient custom- made solutions for our clients. In particular, we have developed special packages and rates for small and medium sized business that are designed to lessen to burden of transportation costs thus allowing them to complete more effectively.

We can arrange handle shipment which any port in the world by speedily and cost-effectively, either as part of a consolidated load (if the cargo is below 15 cubic meters) or as full container. Container very in size- 32, 64 or 71 cubic meters – and we will advise our clients of the best sea freight forwarding option and will arrange shared space long-established excellent working relationships with more major liners and we can guarantee first rate service at competitive rates.


  • Coordinate directly with experienced experts.
  • The price is friendly, there is no overpayment charge.
  • Welcome to calculate preliminary expenses. To help entrepreneurs make decisions easier.
  • With agents all over the world.
  • Consulting various transportation processes, documents,etc without charge
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